About the exhibition
Dear 2nd International City: Details participants!

In June of 2021, the City: Details exhibition, featuring functional and design solutions for urban environments, will be held in an online format for the first time. We have created a virtual space for this purpose, which is based on a digital platform and game software accommodating multilevel scenarios. Objects exhibited in this virtual space will be arranged to form 3D models with 360-degree view, highly detailed textures, and elements possessing advanced technical characteristics.

The online format has significant advantages, as it will expand the circle of speakers that will be able to take part in the business program, while avoiding the risk of infection among visitors and participants. Professionals from various cities and countries will be able to take part in lectures, discussions and public talks. As in 2019, all attendees will be able to vote for the exhibits they like best. Those most popular with participants will be installed in Moscow’s urban spaces as part of the My District program.

See you at the exhibition!
Best regards, City: Details organizing committee
About the Moscow Mayor’s ‘My District’ program
The active phase of the My District program was launched in 2019. The initiative’s main goal is to create living conditions in all of the capital’s areas and neighborhoods that are not just sufficient or average, but at the highest possible level.
S. Sobyanin
Program My District
Mass Media about us
“Urban installation art is never just ‘art for art’s sake’, experts reasoned. Even if an art installation is not a bench, street furniture, or a sign, it carries its own more complex and implicit semantic meaning.”
“Benches, streetlights, stairs, fountains and sculptures influence residents’ perception of their urban environment and form the design code of a particular place.”
TV Centre
“At VDNKh, you can take a peek into Moscow’s future, one that’s not far away. For three days, the 75th pavilion is transformed into a mini-city with streets, parks, and even a square with fountains and installation art from famous artists.”
Moscow 24
“The industry of creating urban environments is actively progressing, and other regions are also facing the tasks Moscow is working on now.”