30 popular objects
Hashtag Playground
100 Architects, China, Shanghai
Convinced that games are not just for children, the designers of 100 Architects have createed an urban landmark for people of all ages! This playground in the shape of a vertical cross consists of a multi-level platform divided into nine spaces for playing, relaxing, and socializing. Some mini-plazas mainly feature outdoor furniture, while others contain play equipment, including slides and swings.
Park Capsule
Aira, Russia, Saint Petersburg
This gazebo will easily fit into landscape projects of any style. Children can find diverse uses for it: this small house standing on one pillar might be the hut from the Baba Yaga fairytale, or even a spaceship where every kid can feel like a captain. And for adults, the gazebo will become a cozy place to relax.
Street Room
100 Architects, China, Shanghai
Street Room is a sculptural composition in pop art style. The idea of the project is to create a neighborly atmosphere by mixing and combining characteristics associated with the concepts of ‘street’ – external, dynamic, and public – and ‘room’ – internal, static, private. Studio 100 Architects has developed a new type of urban furniture that creates a special space that is both open and private.
Pencil Playground
Aven-M, Russia, St. Petersburg
A sports and games complex for children 7 to 12 years old. It consists of five platform-towers resembling colored pencils, and a hexagonal stub. Inside the towers, there are various pieces of sports equipment and passageways, while slides descend from the pencils Some platforms are equipped with a climber's wall. A solar panel is fixed to the hexagonal section, which feeds the lighting.
Molecular Composition Street Sculpture
Artist: Roman Ermakov, Russia, Moscow
Roman Ermakov is a representative of the Russia’s contemporary art scene, who strives to bring art to the urban environment. He creates spectacular sculptures whose combination of shapes and colors allows for a wide variety of interpretations. The Molecular Composition is sure to create a place that attracts local residents and tourists alike.
Parkour Practice Area
Punto Design, Russia, Kostroma region
This exercise equipment is designed for parkour training in public places. Non-slip obstacles in the form of letters will help you master parkour techniques easily and safely. The course was designed in accordance with the international DIN16899-2018 standard.
Capella Diatonic Xylophone
New projects, Russia, Moscow
Fifteen brightly colored notes will introduce children and adults to the C major scale. Anyone can play familiar, favorite melodies on the xylophone, show off their improvisational skills, and compose their own music. The xylophone can be placed in a park or other public spaces, including inclusive playgrounds.
Tembos Aerophone
Arbero, Russia, Moscow
The Tembos is a musical instrument from the aerophone family whose primary source of vibration is a jet of air. Similar instruments are traditionally made of bamboo and played with special mallets. The supporting structure contains six pipes, the largest of which exceeds 2.5 meters in height. You can play amazing funk music with this instrument.
Playground Submarine
Kirill Massiv, Russia, Lyubertsy
This playground submarine is designed for children from 3 to 13 years old. The model is designed to resemble a real submarine as closely as possible, with a recognizable hull, as well as deckhouses, propellers, and diving rudders. The submarine is equipped with a slide and a periscope. Inside, there are bulkheads similar to those in a real underwater vessel.
Multifunctional ‘Arena’ Jungle Gym
Fronton, Russia, St. Petersburg
The multifunctional ‘Arena’ jungle gym has a cylindrical shape formed by a bionic amoeboid grid. It consists of four modular walls with a net stretched inside. The dimensions of the inner mesh allow children to crawl through it. The absence of sharp corners ensures maximum safety when playing. For children ages 5-12.
Grek Bench
Stonehenge , Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
A convenient place to relax and an artistic sculpture all in one! A fresh take on the traditional look of city benches.The durable Grek Bench has a streamlined shape and is highly resistant to vandalism and physical damage, as well as extreme sun, wind, and rain. It is made of fiberglass – a material that does not fade. Different color schemes are available. Does not require a foundation.
A-Frame Doghouse for Agility (EA-19)
Aven-M, Russia, Moscow
An obstacle for training dogs. It is installed in areas designated for exercising and training pets. The A-frame’s ramps are equipped with steps and there is an arched passageway underneath resembling a doghouse. The A-Frame helps prepare dogs for competitions and improves their physical fitness. The decorations on the walls of the A-Frame are UV printed according to an artist’s drawings.
Table Tennis Table (UT 012)
Aira, Russia, St. Petersburg
Table tennis becomes more interesting if you turn a familiar ping pong table into a work of art. Thanks to its modern shape and bright color scheme, this table will attract attention and draw urbanites to a more active lifestyle. Despite the steel tabletop, the ball bounces well during the game.
Jigsaw Podiums
Megapolis, Russia, St. Petersburg
Jigsaw podiums help form modern recreation areas. The pieces can be combined and interlocked, which makes it possible to create structures of any size necessary. The ability to create various compositions is especially important for creative public spaces and playgrounds. Jigsaw Podiums are available in several colors.
‘Kid’s Town’ Playground
Leks Studio, Russia, Moscow
An interactive zone including play elements and three-dimensional animated characters – a playground of children’s dreams. You can not only have fun with children here, but also take pictures surrounded by vivid sculptures. The three-dimensional figures are made of Styrofoam with a high-strength, anti-vandal polymer coating that protects them against the elements and physical damage.
Poof Puzzle
Sixinch Company, Russia, Moscow
This pouf is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is produced using unique FoamCoating technology, so it can be manufactured to be soft or hard. The poufs are available in various colors and can be grouped to create different shapes and color combinations.
Teqball One Table
316lab, Russia, Moscow
The game of teqball combines elements of football and table tennis. The world's leading football clubs use Teqball sessions as part of their training! Teqball One is a table with curved sides and a top manufactured from a special composite that makes it possible to get a perfect bounce from any ball. These features make it convenient for practicing five sports and crossfit.
Rainbow Bench
Detkki, Russia, Moscow
The bright bench of standard design is made of black steel and three-layer polyethylene panels. Its color scheme will draw the attention of city residents. The bench will successfully fit into creative public spaces or complement playgrounds. All materials are moisture-proof and UV-resistant. The steel is protected from corrosion by galvanizing and a powder coating with polyester paint.
Halo Diamond Play Complex
New Horizons, Russia, Moscow
The Halo Diamond seems to take you to another dimension. Its design, positioned at an angle to the ground, challenges your sense of balance. We can say with confidence that you have never experienced anything like it before. Inside, you’ll find several familiar pieces of play equipment: a ball-balancer, a rope net, and a plastic slide. The famous adage ‘better to see once’ won’t work with the Halo Diamond. It needs to be tried! For children 3+.
Concerto Five Congas
Play World, Russia, Moscow
This set of five conga drums will bring movement, rhythm, and fun to the playground! As with real Cuban conga drums, their sound changes depending on where you hit them. All the drums are of different diameters and heights, so each has its own tone. They are all set at a convenient angle so children of any age or height can participate in a jam session and keep the rhythm.
Interactive Kinetic Bike Track
Vse Sam, Russia, Moscow
These kinetic bicycles are both stylish light art and unusual exercise machines! The interactive recreation complex is designed to provide physical activity for children (12+) and adults. The harder you pedal, the more circles you fill with light, so the bikes provide physical activity in the form of a competitive game. The complex is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, certified materials.
Smart Bench
Megapolis, Russia, Saint Petersburg
The smart bench is equipped with a solar panel, a wireless charging panel, USB ports, night lighting, an LCD display, and other components. It runs on a solar battery and does not require additional power sources. It can be supplemented with a built-in AC module for cities with low light levels in winter. The bench will become part of smart cities’ intelligent environment.
‘Pick Yourself Up’ Stand
Leber Group, Russia, Moscow
This apparatus clearly demonstrates the golden rule of mechanics: where there is a gain in power, there is a loss in distance. The effect is created by pulleys that a rope is passed through. The pulleys work like a lever, reducing the force needed for lifting. That’s why it’s six times easier to lift yourself up. This is a gain in power. On the other hand, you must use six times as much rope as the height you have lifted yourself. This is a loss in distance.
Double Hand Exercise Bike
New projects, Russia, Moscow
Outdoor equipment approved by a physical therapist and a medical rehabilitation specialist designed for performing flexion and extension exercises with the shoulders and elbows. Regular workouts will help strengthen muscles and increase endurance. The machine is made of durable materials that are resistant to all types of external influences. The maximum user weight is 150 kg.
‘Platov’ Smart Bench
Art Blagoustroystvo, Russia, Krasnodar Th
The ‘Platov' smart bench is equipped with a USB port, a Wi-Fi router, an emergency call button, LED lighting, a heated seat, and a solar panel. These functions can be managed with a smartphone app, which can adjust the heating level, display the outdoor temperature, or check the availability of a free bench!
‘Giraffe Hammock’ Play Area
Chekharda, Russia, Moscow
This hammock is suspended from an upturned oak support. The long ‘legs’ make it resemble the tallest animal on the planet. However, this image is incomplete, and everyone can see something different in it, you just need to let your imagination run wild. For supports, we use tree trunks, without altering their natural shape, keeping the knots and branches.
‘Modern’ Pergola with Hammocks
StyleCityRUS, Russia, Lyubertsy
This pergola with five hammocks consists of a steel frame and hammocks made from polyester fabric. An excellent alternative to usual benches for courtyards, parks, and recreational areas. It is easier to relax in a hammock – you can just swing, or even take a nap in it!
‘Sayan’ Climbing Blocks
Leber Group, Russia, Moscow
Sayan blocks are designed for exciting outdoor activities for children from 6 to 12 years of age. The complex consists of four connected blocks. Each block is a regular dodecahedron with 12 faces in the form of regular pentagons with truncated vertices. Special artificial stones of different shapes and sizes are fixed to the surface of the blocks to provide hand and foot holds.
Dog Bin
Aira, Russia, St. Petersburg
Public dog walking areas are in big demand today. These DOG bins have been specially designed to be used only for their intended purpose because, with standard designs, people often throw in ordinary household garbage, so the bins fill up quickly.
‘Helios’ Bench with Solar Panel
Adanat, Russia, Moscow
This functional solar-powered bench is versatile in design. In addition to the standard straight version, it’s possible to transform the bench into the shape of the letter V, a stylized Z, or a triangle or square. The bench comes with a photovoltaic panel with two USB connectors and LED lighting, and can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is possible to change the batteries in cloudy weather.