March 26–28
Pavilion № 75
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“Urban installation art is never just ‘art for art’s sake’, experts reasoned. Even if an art installation is not a bench, street furniture, or a sign, it carries its own more complex and implicit semantic meaning.”
“Benches, streetlights, stairs, fountains and sculptures influence residents’ perception of their urban environment and form the design code of a particular place.”
TV Centre
“At VDNKh, you can take a peek into Moscow’s future, one that’s not far away. For three days, the 75th pavilion is transformed into a mini-city with streets, parks, and even a square with fountains and installation art from famous artists.”
Moscow 24
“The industry of creating urban environments is actively progressing, and other regions are also facing the tasks Moscow is working on now.”
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How to get there
Pavilion 75
From VDNKh’s main entrance, walk 300 meters along the central alley to the Lenin monument, turn right onto the path perpendicular to the alley, and continue straight ahead for 300 meters to the pavilion. You can also reach the pavilion directly by entering VDNKh by the North-1 or North-2 entrances, which are to the right of the main entrance, and continuing straight ahead.
Exhibition schedule:
March 26–27 – from 10am to 8pm
March 28 – from 10am to 5pm
Admission to the exhibition ends 45 minutes before closing time.