International Exhibition of Design Solutions for Megalopolises

For the first virtual exhibition City: Details, we have created a unique digital platform, where we have placed hundreds of trendy, innovative and environmentally friendly objects. All exhibits for the improvement of the city are presented by leading manufacturers and design bureaus.
Discussions of Russian and foreign experts were also broadcast live: urbanists, designers, architects and developers. In 2021, the central topic of the forum was local projects and their development in the interests of urban communities.

> 500
functional design solutions for big cities
ectares of virtual space
100 000
exhibition visitors
speakers from Russia, the US, Great Britain, Italy, France, Norway, and Denmark
2,6 million
business program views
In 2021, the international City: Details exhibition of functional design solutions for public spaces in mega cities took place from June 26 to July 4. This year, the event was held in an online format for the first time, so visitors could stroll around a virtual mini-city and vote for their favorite items without leaving their homes. The exhibits that received the most votes will be included in a special list which will be used in landscape planning under the Mayor of Moscow’s My District program.

You can still take a walk around the exhibition and find out what it was like.
Popular exhibits
We calculated the results of the voting and found out what the guests of the online exhibition want to see on the streets of the city
All objects
Hashtag Playground
100 Architects, China, Shanghai
Park Capsule
Aira, Russia, Saint Petersburg
Street Room
100 Architects, China, Shanghai
Pencil Playground
Aven-M, Russia, St. Petersburg
Molecular Composition Street Sculpture
Artist: Roman Ermakov, Russia, Moscow
Capella Diatonic Xylophone
New projects, Russia, Moscow
Multifunctional ‘Arena’ Jungle Gym
Fronton, Russia, St. Petersburg
Grek Bench
Stonehenge , Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
A-Frame Doghouse for Agility (EA-19)
Aven-M, Russia, Moscow
Table Tennis Table (UT 012)
Aira, Russia, St. Petersburg
Jigsaw Podiums
Megapolis, Russia, St. Petersburg
‘Kid’s Town’ Playground
Leks Studio, Russia, Moscow
Rainbow Bench
Detkki, Russia, Moscow
Interactive Kinetic Bike Track
Vse Sam, Russia, Moscow
From June 26 to July 1, discussions led by architects, landscape designers, designers, and developers from Russia and abroad were broadcast live, with more than 90 speakers in total, including those from the US, Great Britain, Italy, France, Norway, and Denmark.
“It’s necessary to form common recreation spaces within the districts. Thanks to temporary structures, we can change the environment around us very quickly. If residents like the temporary projects, they can be made permanent.”
Jason Roberts
Urban planner, restaurateur, civic activist and former US Congressional nominee
“The city is a living laboratory. When you are engaged in its development, it is necessary to take into account the interests of residents and give them the opportunity to express their opinion and influence the process.”
Carlo Ratti
Architect, Professor of Urban Technologies, Planning Director, SENSEable City Lab, MIT
“The ‘15-minute-city’ approach, where residents can reach everything they need in a quarter of an hour, will significantly improve quality of life. To implement it, it is necessary to build cooperation between local government, the commercial sector, citizens, and all interested parties. I think this concept will suit any metropolis because our main task is to make residents happy. Saving time is one of the conditions.”
Carlos Moreno
Adviser to the Mayor of Paris for local development, author of the "fifteen-minute city" concept
Conference participants
Stephen Davies
Co-Founder, Project for Public Spaces
Christian Pagh
Director and curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, co-founder of Urgent.Agency
James Delaney
Chair, Block by Block Foundation
Olga Rokal
Architect, co-founder and partner in the creative association UTRO, curator of the "Rayonnale"
Sergey Kapkov
Ex-Minister of Culture for the City of Moscow, Head of the Center for Urban Studies at Moscow State University’s Economics Faculty, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moscow Center for Urban Studies
Ilya Krasilshik
CEO, Yandex.Lavka
Kirill Khlomov
Candidate in Psychological Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory for Cognitive Research of the RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences, Member of the Board of the Perekrestok Plus Non-profit Partnership
Jason Roberts
Urban planner, restaurateur, civic activist and former US Congressional nominee
All speakers
Large Exhibition Park

A large open world, comprising 12 hectares of virtual space, was created especially for the exhibition. Here, visitors can find 3D models of real objects produced by dozens of companies from France, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and China. The modern format made it possible to hold a major international event in spite of the pandemic. Both Russian and English versions of the online platform are available, so the exhibition was able to spark the interest of foreign users, as well as Russian ones.

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About the program of the Mayor of Moscow "My District"
“In 2019, the implementation of the My District program entered an active phase. Its super task is to create comfortable living conditions in all districts and settlements of the capital. Moreover, comfort should not be at the minimum and not "on average", but at the highest possible level. "

S. Sobyanin